Utilizing the latest technology in metal detection screening and hostile vehicle barriers will improve security at your gate entrances. ESCO Security Consulting can assist your team in the development of a successful gate entry program and aid your show managers in all aspects of the design and implementation of metal detection screening checkpoints.

Site Design

Determining the appropriate number of walk-through metal detectors needed for your event is just one fundamental step in designing a secure and successful gate entry program.  Working directly with your management team, the ESCO staff will review gate layouts and entry designs to maximize the use of each area. We ensure proper staging locations and identify the key components of a successful and secure entrance.

Site design components include:

  • Patron Arrival Patterns and Throughput Analysis
  • Crowd Flow Design and Space Allocation
  • Site Requirements (Cover, Power, Lighting, Fence, etc.)
  • Support Equipment (Barricades, Signage, Tables, PA Systems, etc.)
  • Exit Strategies
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Customer Relations
  • Special Needs Assistance (Guest Using Wheelchairs, Walkers, etc.)
  • Back of House Access Points (Artists, Media, Staff, VIP, etc.)
  • Industry Best Practices
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Event Policies and Procedures

Event-based policies have a distinct impact on the throughput of patrons and staff coming into your site. ESCO can assist you in determining the correct number of metal detectors and lanes needed for a successful program.  

  • Bag Policies (Backpacks, Clear Bag, No Bag, etc.)
  • Restricted Item Checklists
  • Restricted Item Awareness and Storage
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  • Concealed Weapons Permits
  • Re-Entry Programs
  • Door Opening Load Time
  • Law Enforcement Roles and Responsibilities
  • Threat Assessments
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Staff DePLOYment and Training

ESCO can provide your security personnel important and specific instructions on proper metal detection screening techniques prior to the event and handle on-the-job training when necessary. Our staff development and training program is based on industry standards for proper screening of patrons.

Key components include:

  • Staff Positioning and Assignments
  • Familiarity with Metal Detection Screening
  • Deployment of Strong Personnel to Key Positions
  • Pre-Shift Briefings/Cheat Sheets
  • Throughput Tricks of the Trade
  • Suspicious Items/Activities
  • False Activation Triggers
  • Decoy Detection
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Staff Redeployment Plans
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Gate Management

The ESCO staff have extensive experience in patron ingress and exit. As Gate Managers, they monitor the overall operation of the area, handle customer relation issues, and prepare each location for the next phase of the event. Gate Managers can synchronize all functional areas together (security, ticket taking, accessibility, public safety, etc.) to ensure site readiness and operational success.

Key areas include:

  • Set Up and Tear Down of Gate Configurations
  • Patron Queueing Needs/Redirecting
  • Public Address Systems and Pre-Scripted Announcements
  • Monitoring of Show Schedules
  • Gate Modifications
  • Signage Installation
  • Site Readiness
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