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Our Event Rental Division offers the latest technology in metal detection screening and hostile vehicle barriers. ESCO staff can assist your team in the development of a successful gate entry program and aid your show managers in all aspects of the design and implementation of metal detection screening checkpoints.

OPENGATE Weapons Detection System

The OPENGATE Weapons Detection System provides an extremely high throughput with near-zero nuisance alarms and provides screening of non-divested people.  OPENGATE is a state-of-the-art wire free, screening portal consisting of two independent and self-powered pillars.  Each pillar weighs less than 25 pounds and can be used for indoor or outdoor operations.  Acoustic and optical signals, located at the top of the pillars, provide simultaneous status and alarm indications.

The OPENGATE system does not require patrons to remove personal objects prior to entering the metal detector.

  • Cell phones, watches, coins, keys, and jewelry can remain on the guest. 
  • Time saving technology speeds up the entry process, requiring less equipment and personnel.
  • The battery operated OPENGATE is water resistant, installs in less than three minutes and is easy to relocate.
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PMD2 Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Through its research and development laboratories, CEIA is continuously investing in the design of equipment that provides the best compliance with the security requirements of public events. The results are metal detectors that have extremely high immunity to outside interference and high discrimination of personal objects. This allows for a higher flow rate and improved processing times.  

Equipment purchase through ESCO Security Consulting will be installed, inspected, and calibrated. Other benefits include:

  • Instruction of facilities department staff on deployment of equipment
  • Training of security team members for event day operation of equipment
  • Equipment Inspection Plan for CEIA-brand metal detectors (Free first annual review)
  • Equipment Loaner Program -- ESCO can loan a walk-through metal detector to client when an existing unit will be out of service for a long-term repair. Using one of our units will allow you to always be at full capability, especially if you have an upcoming major event.  
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Hostile Vehicle Barriers

The Meridian hostile vehicle barriers (Archer 1200) can heighten your perimeter security program. These mobile barriers can limit damage from errant and dangerous drivers without impeding vital public safety and support vehicular access. Unlike K-Rail and Jersey barriers, one or two staff members can easily deploy these vehicle deterrents prior to your event and remove them quickly for egress needs.

The barriers:

  • Protect pedestrians at gate entry locations for festivals, conventions, conferences, farmers markets and other activities.
  • Temporarily shut off or restrict vehicular traffic on public roads near campuses, public buildings, and parks.
  • Shield stores, warehouses, and loading docks from “Crash and Grab” robberies.
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